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So, I am a pretty tolerant person when it comes to certain things. One thing i can not tolerate are scumbags, and we seem to have a lot of them around my town. They are who I can the "stoners" just because they all smoke pot and do other various drugs. All these kids do is run around this town and do as they please at the exspense of everyone and anyone else but themselves. Well, there is a Celtic Cross down by the river that was put there by my family and the families and members of the A.O.H., an Irish club here in town, and these "stoners" hang out down at the river all the time since their old favorite chill spot has been invaded with bright ball park lights and cops. Well, I just recently returned form Army Basic Training, of which I was discharged for but that is a different story, so I have not been around to look after the Celtic Cross but now that I am back I make it a point to go down to the river and assure that those scum suckers are not climbing on it, doing their filthy drugs around it, or disgraceing it with anything else because as long as I am in this town and as long as I take pride in my heritage that cross will always be matter what. I am very protective of this town alone only because my family name and blood has been here for a long, long time and I do not believe that we should be pushed out by a growing number of drug useing I pick up where I left off before I departed for the Army and that is to raise up a milita against these scumbags again. They know I am back so they know they are not going to be running around here like they own this place anymore, my family name is all over this town and it only take a strong voice and a well known name to get shit done...and I was always fond of being a leader against different shit. So, that is my story. I am home and nothing has changed with me other than being very bitter for being discharged from the Army for bullshit reasons and being more confident in myself, my abilities, and my strength. Tomorrow is a new day and I will countinue my patrol of this town to ensure that everything is peaceful and no one is trying to sneak around behind my back because I already have eyes and ears in all the spot needed at this time. One thing I do love about these stoners though, they are neveer able to beat me, I am the brains of the whole opperation but they do not know shit about me other than what I've allowed them to know so they do not know how close my moles are to them. I have to keep my tabs on them to make sure there is no confusion within the I know if there is going to be any major break out of "rebelion" planed and I can put an end to it quickly. Now, I know a few of you are thinking, "Why not let the cops do their job?" Because the cops do not do their job at all not to mention that a good ammount of these stoners have some sort of pull or know the laws enough to get by...well, I follow the laws of God rather than the laws of of the best ways to get by.

Evil men, dead men.

Comment as needed...I know there will be a lot of comments such as, "Who do you think you are to decide this or that?" to answer any question like that...I am a concerned citizen tired of watching the cops do nothing so I've decided to take the task into my own hands and do what is needed.
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