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fuck it...

i'm bored and angry...and killing time's the only thing i've, i'm new and no one knows me, despite the fact i'm the other moderator...

[ name ] fiona
[ age ] 18
[ location ] raleigh
[ sexuality ] hetero
[ interests ] it's all in my profile.
[ top 7 bands ] type o negative, saturnus, lycia, my dying bride, lacrimas profundere, alice in chains, sirenia
[ top 7 movies ] shit, um...fight club, the boondock saints...this is actually really hard...too hard in fact...i can't decide.
[ top 3 tv shows ] family guy, conan o'brien, south park.
[ favorite color ] blood. and shades of grey
[ favorite song lyric ]
"know thyself - the beast you are
oh yes, feel, run into your arms
paradise belongs to you"
saturnus ~ paradise belongs to you (actually, that entire song...the lyrics are incredible)
"what better comfort can you find
than the serpents in my arms"
moonspell ~ than the serpents in my hands
[ favorite quote ] "odi et amo: quare id faciam, fortasse requiris. nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior." (i hate and i love. why do i do this, perhaps you ask. i do not know, but i feel it happening and i am tortured) ~ catullus.
[ have any phobias? ] not really...i don't like ghosts, real or not..either way the idea is kind of...discomforting.
[ have any fetishes? ] eye make up...mostly shadow and liner.
[ have any pet peeves? ] anything the mother does.
[ have any bad habits? ] i say really stupid stuff sometimes...
[ have any piercings/tattoos? ] 11 piercings: 2 in each lobe, 3 in top right, top and bottom navel, and venom in my tongue. and one tattoo on my wrist.
[ play any instruments? ] bass guitar, sucka.

Thoughts on...
[ abortion ] conservative pro-choice. if you can afford to have the child, you should have it, if not, then don't. if you are raped and get pregnant, go for it.
[ suicide ] pussy's way out.
[ stereotypes ] not cool at all, but somewhat necessary...
[ same sex marriages ] go for it. it's unfair in a nation with the words "with liberty and justice for all" as the closing words of its pledge of allegiance, that certain people are not allowed to be recognised as married because of their sexual orientation. who's it hurting anyway?
[ bush ] a mistake to learn from...
[ self-injury ] stupid. but i say that from the view of someone who did it for years...
[ religion ] necessary, i guess, unavoidable. people like to have stuff to believe in. however the "people of the book" religions (xianity, judaism and islam) piss me off. too many loopholes, too many whys and hows, too complex yet pathetically simple. god is dead.
[ trends ] they're here to stay, so might as well get use to them. but i don't think they're so bad. some stuff is awful, but you must admit, it can be amusing.

[ tell us something random as fuck ] woodpeckers don't get headaches, heh. (pringles fact thingy)
[ promote us in another community or journal, show a link ] already did.
[ now post 3 or more photos ] no.
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