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[ name ] Raychel
[ age ] 17
[ location ] raleigh, nc :(
[ sexuality ] ehmm . . . indifferent
[ interests ] Music, friends, movies, photography, sketching, science, etc...
[ top 7 bands ] rancid, sex pistols, distillers, rezillos, dead kennedys, ramones, sublime
[ top 7 movies ] donnie darko, white oleander, the virgin suicides, the lost boys, american history x, dazed and confused, requiem for a dream
[ top 3 tv shows ] i love he ..s (i like all the years), my so-called life, daria
[ favorite color ] black and hot pink
[ favorite song lyric ] "No angels singing in your valley of unease"
[ favorite quote ] "Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul." -Marilyn Monroe annndddd "it's better to burn out than to fade away" - kurt cobain
[ have any phobias? ] flying bugs
[ have any fetishes? ] no
[ have any pet peeves? ] argh.. when people scrape their teeth on metal.
[ have any bad habits? ] hmm. smoking i guess
[ have any piercings/tattoos? ] 4 peircings, one tattoo
[ play any instruments? ] no
Thoughts on...
[ abortion ] it sucks, but sometimes it's just necessary
[ suicide ] that a personal choice
[ stereotypes ] i'd rather not live a world full of them, but hey, it'll never stop. i pre-judge, i'll admit it.. but that doesn't mean i won't give people a chance to prove me wrong
[ same sex marriages ] marriage is about love. not religion or gender.
[ bush ] i don't really follow politics closely to go one way or the other
[ self-injury ] ehh personal choice but if it works for you, then i guess go for it.. what the difference between cutting/burning and getting a piercing/tattoo?
[ religion ] pagan..
[ trends ] everything is a trend now a days. everyone who tries to be themself ends up looking like someone else down the line.. that why i wear a suit and tie.. just kidding.
[ tell us something random as fuck ] i have to go take my doggie for a walk now
[ promote us in another community or journal, show a link ] okay
[ now post 3 or more photos ] hmm ... NO! just kidding. i didn't know how, now i do, so look at the comments and they'll find you.. i'm a lyrical genious...
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Deleted comment

haha it's all good in the hood.. and mel told me how to do the pic thing and it's so easy i feel like such a tard... okay here :

and i absolutely have to throw in my dog.because of his wonderful eyes!