Risa (usillypiggy) wrote in xintolerancex,

im already a member so this doesnt count

im bored so i decided to fill out wat would be a bad app

[ name ] Risa
[ age ] 16
[ location ] computer silly
[ sexuality ] female
[ interests ] Music, pigs
[ top 7 bands ] lacuna coil, coheed and cambria, mae, hawthrone heights, msi, the soundtrack, atreyu, in flames, mushroomhead
[ top 7 movies ]
[ top 3 tv shows ] watever is on like mtv
[ favorite color ] purple...
[ favorite song lyric ]
[ favorite quote ] he ran into my knife what an idiot
[ have any phobias? ]
[ have any fetishes? ]bukakee is a funny word i havent done it and i dont want to do it though cause its soooo disgusting

[ have any pet peeves? ] i hate it when people call me a "poser" and uses labels and shit its so stupid

[ have any bad habits? ] ya i cant stop like touching myself and having sex with strangers
[ have any piercings/tattoos? ] 5 peircings
[ play any instruments? ] no
Thoughts on...
[ abortion ] if you kill u should go to jail.
[ suicide ] i do it all the time it releives the pain
[ stereotypes ]i like all kinds of music man
[ same sex marriages ] im all for it if you love someone then you love them shouldnt matter wat sex they are
[ bush ] hessooo stupid man
[ self-injury ]
[ religion ]catholic
[ trends ] i h8 it win ppl want 2 look lyke others.
[ tell us something random as fuck ] wanna kiss my finger baby
[ promote us in another community or journal, show a link ]
[ now post 3 or more photos ] um how do you put up pictures i cant figure it out?!

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