> (ragdollnezzy) wrote in xintolerancex,

This community is fairly inactive, so I decided to post. I dont know when it became a rating community, I thought it was a place to vent about shit. So I'm going to mention something that pretty much pisses me off real bad. I apologize to Jessica, who has to hear it at least once a day.

Basically, people who talk about being 'hyper' from 'sugar' and 'caffeine.' Irks me like nothing else. I guess it sort of speaks for itself. Also, 'Monkey' and 'cheese.' How it is 'random.' It's mostlyt he emo-bellies that say it. You know who I mean. FUCK.

Pretty much the epitome of everything wrong in the world.

I also hate that bastard, because he is a cross between sugar and monkey. Also, that bear is stupid.
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