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[ name ] Erin
[ age ] 17
[ location ] raleigh
[ sexuality ] insatiable
[ interests ] I mean..food.
[ top 7 bands ] oh man. Squirrel Nut Zippers, Electric light orchestra, Beatles, Red hot chili peppers, Billy joel, elton john, this band that was playing on a bridge in Prague.
[ top 7 movies ] that's a retarded question.
[ top 3 tv shows ] I dont get to watch much tv, but I'd have to say, above all else, southpark.
[ favorite color ] "earthtones", i guess you could say. I'm going through this pastel phase. Brown and dark green, mostly.
[ favorite song lyric ] "Down at club limbo they still play stardust." (la da de da da daaa)
[ favorite quote ] "blahblah..blahb"
[ have any phobias? ] spiders, I have pissed my pants several occasions.
[ have any fetishes? ] yes
[ have any pet peeves? ] catty ass bitches.
[ have any bad habits? ] 'picking your nose' and whatever, though i hardly consider it 'bad'.
[ have any piercings/tattoos? ] i have three earrings.
[ play any instruments? ] a lot
Thoughts on...
[ abortion ] personally I wouldnt do it, but anyone should have the choice. all the hippie 'keep laws off my body boohoo' shit.
[ suicide ] a cry for help, definatley, and very sad. Should always be taken seriously.
[ stereotypes ] are lame, but can be pretty damn funny.
[ bush ] can suck my clit
[ self-injury ] shrinks will say it's 'unhealthy' but so is football.
[ religion ] is not my bag, baby. I am very unreligious.
[ trends ] I love'em. They're what make the world go round. I love how the eighties are coming back.

[ promote us in another community or journal, show a link ] hey jessica! go get a dildo and do me up my ass!
[ now post 3 or more photos ] um.. ok.

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